Thursday, March 8, 2018

A roof over your head: Renedra Tents and GameCraft Afghan Homes

Renedra has put out some plastic tents that I see popping up in a lot of photos. I quite liked them and grabbed some for my cowboy town (I reckon before you even get a stick frame up, you're going to be tenting it). Truly tents have a lot of use in terms of age and setting. I'll probably grab the round ones at some point too.

These buildings were from a rather large order I made in 2012. I think I was inspired by ambush alley and wanted a great table to play on. 6 years later I've painted 3 of them. Booo. I struggled for a long time trying to decide how to 'rough them up' and make them look stoney/plaster covered/whatever.

These two guys were painted with the same craft paint colour and washed with two different ink mixes. I *think* I like the more yellow one, but I suspect it's more because I spread the ink better and ended up with less of that crappy rinse streak effect at the bottom. Variety is important in a table that will host these things, so either way it's a bit of a success.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

15mm XCOM: Advent troops inbound

Loyal Citizens, I stand truly humbled.Today our struggle Ends.

Advent are the superficially virtuous state apparatus that the remnants of XCOM are resisting. They preach a brotherhood with their alien benefactors, but secretly are just liquidating humanity for their genetic code and use as cannon fodder.

In an excellent decision for a computer game, each type of trooper is colour coded. You know what else this would work well for? table top games!!

With only a vague inkling of a ruleset I will hack up one day, I've been slowly chipping away at building the troops required. Today, the (advent) struggle ends.

These folks are 15mm figs from rebel minis. Titan Marines I believe. While the sculpts are too close, they do have enough similarity that with a similar point job and a psychological suggest (IT'S XCOM PEOPLE) I think it will pass muster. For whatever reason, these guys were painfully slow to finish and lots of things got worked on between each small step of progress. At last this particular struggle know, except for the basing (AH!)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

28mm Sci Fi Cars: Marx Future Cars

Inspired by Cheetor at sho3box blog  I tracked down some of these fine 'marx future cars' in order to add some much needed street traffic to my 28mm sci fi terrain boards. They've been a easy item to bang out when taking breaks from batch painting other things. I have to say I'm slightly embarrassed to realize I used a green paint scheme on the SAME CAR as Cheetor. Perhaps the sculpt just screams green in a subconscious way. 
The windows remain to be some way. I contacted Roebeast to see about some sweet vaccum made ones, but apparantly you can't track down the clear sheets of vacuum forming plastic anymore. Alas. Some of the hard clear plastic on almost any toy packaging was suggested to me which I will eventually get around to attempting.

Monday, February 19, 2018

28mm French Napoleonic: Victrix Old Guard

Columns are marching to the front! Doug of Dots of Paint Blog is organizing another battle at Enfilade this year. Once again he has mind tricked a number of us to paint up 'our own' forces to play at his game. Very clever strategy I must say. I have grabbed the Guard command for this one and expect that every gun on the table will be used to destroy them before they contact anybody.

My figs are from the victrix old guard box. Doug kindly sent along some surplus Chassuer heads as the box is strictly for the guard. With 60 figs it's probably great for most systems but General du Corp (GdC) only uses 8-10 models on a single base for a brigade. Only 10 bear skins with monkey butts needed! I do have to say after a marathon of plastic assembly in December I totally appreciate the simpler Perry and Warlord figures over the highly detailed and fiddly Victrix ones.

The flags came with the box, which was great, but the red all flaked off when I was folding and gluing them. Budget! I ended up painting the missing bits, but hope it won't worsen/continue.

In what will likely give Doug a spike in blood pressure, I've now painted all the figures that I have from my command. I'm waiting for a shipment for the remaining troops: 2 artillery (8 figs + 2 cannon) and Heavy Cav (3 figs).

Given my....dilute focus, and the likelyhood I'll batch paint up some extra stuff at the same time, I may face a time crunch to finish them on time.

Here's hoping the post from the UK speeds up a bit from it's recently dismal speed...

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

15mm XCOM: Snakemen reinforcements

I managed to bury a few figs from my lead pile. These 15mm figs are from Critical Mass games and originally were 'mercenaries' but I believe there was a bit of a kickstarter to expand their range. I grabbed these fellows within the last year when critical mass were closing but hadn't yet been announced as being picked up by Ral Partha Europe. 
I previously had a set of 5 but thought it would be wise to get some extras when it was possible the range might disappear. Looking back at the blog I realized I haven't done anything on this front since late 2014. Shameful. Expect some developments soon.
A number of people have recognized their excellent suitability as 'snakemen' miniatures to match the some of the enemies in the wonderful computer game series XCOM.  So this is what I was channeling. 
 I first played xcom in the mid 90's and it was a very cool game. The reboot in 2012 took all the good, stripped out the tedious and made a sweet new package. Sweet enough to do a reimagining where the humans lost and are now the resistance in XCOM2. It's pretty amusing to see how far graphics have come in a side by side placement.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

28mm French Napoleonic Legere - test paint

I spent a large chunk of Nov/Dec hobby time assembling (trimming, cleaning, gluing) models rather than painting. It's not terribly interesting to document on a blog. These guys were finished right around the start of the new year but I was remiss in getting a photo of them.

My big push was to clean up and put on painting sticks all my French 28mm stuff. Help to figure out what I actually have (as I have a small pile of warlord, victrix, perry's, and lead). I did a small lot for my initial test paint as I decided to see how priming in blue would work. Seems to have turned out okay. I still need to base these guys properly, but I will wait till I have a large block to work on.

 These fine gentlemen are from the perry box of french line. They come with 6 out of 42 skirmishing figures as voltiguers. I decided to paint them as legere voltigues (blue pants and different poms/shoulder boards). The dead figs are from a cavalry box I beleive. Don't look too close as one of them is actually a british sculpt (le gasp!).

Monday, January 22, 2018

Boost the Blog Signal (BtBS)

In a continued consideration on how to promote the (endangered?) blog community, I had some
thinking on a challenge that would promote social connections within the blog community, and encourage people to engage with the content, rather than just be a lurker that consumes content without contribution.

For the moment I'll call this "Boost the Blog Signal" (BtBS) as you probably want a clear name that conveys the intent, and has a handy acronym. BBS was sorta interesting to me as I'm of the vintage where I dialed into other peoples computers to play text games, but I suspect there'd be some issues with that.

Let me lead early with: I would very much appreciate readers comments and thoughts on any of this.